Bleep Bloop - Game of the Year: Angry Birds

Featuring Jeff, Pat, Streeter, Josh, Dan, Jake, Gabrus, Adam Frucci, and Sarah Natochenny. This beats Bleep Bloop: 8-Player Extravaganza’s record for the most guests in a single Bleep Bloop.



Last year’s Bleep Bloop Game of the Year was Beatles Rock Band. A lot of people were upset, which I thought was funny because Bleep Bloop Game of the Year is not an actual award. If it was, it appears that it would honor games that are great for hardcore nerds but still able to attract an audience that would never otherwise play videogames.

I think everyone I know is playing this game. It really is a perfect choice for game of the year.

I’ve played it once, but I know people obsessed with it.